Sunday, February 7, 2010

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Break it Down - The Doctor feat. Ebony Eyez & Trina is my newest track. It took me about two days to get it exactly how I wanted it. I'm quite pleased with it although it could be longer, but whatever. Appearances by NI B4II, NI Pro-53, and Arturia Minimoog on this track.

I Poke Her Poker Face (The_Doctor Remix) - Kid Cudi vs Lady Gaga was fun to make, but it's really just a simple mash up. My favorite part is the 'bluffin with my muffin' part lol!

All Your Base are Doe Boy Fresh - The_Doctor (Three 6 Mafia vs The Gabber Robots) Not much to say about this one really; a few of my friends tell me that they can stand listening to this song longer than some of the others ...

Conversation with George James - The_Doctor. I actually called this guy from Louisiana thinking he was 'bjx0' from BetasIRC. The beat is a sample from Sinnerman by Nina Simone.

Du Hast (The Doctor Remix) - Rammstein. This is an oldie I did in High School when I was first getting into audio production.

Feel Like I Just Got Home - The Doctor presents Swizz Beatz feat. Madonna and 50cent is one of my all time favorites. "I meant to say sugar! Sugar!!" The beat is a variation on The Way I Are by Timbaland.

Gin And Juice (Chopped & Screwed by The_Doctor) - Snoop Doggy Dogg is another oldie. It's a simple track, I was trying to emulate the version I heard on a DJ Screw Mixtape.

Heut Ist Mein Gangsta - Bun B & Sean Kingston vs Blumchen (The Doctor Remix) is a stunning example of what a Club & Hip Hop mash up should sound like!

I'm Cleo (Who's Calling) - The Doctor is what you get when you mix Benny Benasi and an ebaumsworld sound board!

Something in 7/8 - The Doctor is an original composition performed by me on my Roland VR-760. And yes, that is 7/8 time.

Locate and Destroy - The Doctor is another original composition performed by me on my Roland VR-760 and NI's FM7.

Mr. Jones Suck My Dick - The_Doctor (Mike Jones vs The Dickheadz)
I made this track one morning at my friends house when I had my workstation and projector set up there for a party the night before.

Perculator 2005 (The Doctor Mix) - Cajmere is one of my first remixes ever. I first heard the Percolator at a high school dance and it didn't take long for me to change it from a b-more club track to a hard hitting dancefloor anthem!

Sandstorm vs Kernkraft 400 vs Confusion (The Doctor Mix) is a megamix track I made for my friend Grimmest back in high school.

Snap Yo Fingers vs You - The_Doctor (Lil Jon vs Lloyd) is a pretty cool mash up I made when I was listing to a lot of rap music. I use the whistle sound from Peculator in this one.

Speaker on Blap (Popcorn Remix) - The_Doctor (Balance Big Rich & Lil Wayne) is probably my favorite remix so far, I really believe this one could be a monster hit in the club or on the radio!

Stay High (The Doctor Remix) - Three 6 Mafia is still kind of a work in progress for me because I never found an acapella for Stay Fly. I was actually trying to get someone to rap on this but I've never found anyone that's been able too lol

the Awesomeness - The_Doctor is the first track I ever made! Mainly based on Fried Neckbones and Some Home Fries by Willie Bobo and Knuck If You Buck by Crime Mob, this has a ton of samples in it.

This My One (The Doctor's Agostino Remix) - E40, Too Short, and Bun B. I remember uploading this track before, and complaining about Bun B's part; if I could find a more suitable vocal line or something I think I could really improve this track.

Transit (Strawberry Mix) - The_Doctor is another original composition I did on the VR-760. I used Fruity Loops for the drum track (as if you couldn't tell). I had to revamp this a year or two ago and I'm pleased with how it came out for now, but as with all my music it's still a work in process.

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